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Alliance Access Administrator - Professional

Understand the functionalities of the 4 GUIs of Alliance Access and how to manage daily administration tasks. Estimated duration: 06:30
Contact us: Swift Smart Administrator
  • Pre test
    • Test your Knowledge of the Alliance Access GUIs
  • Understand the Alliance Access GUIs
    • Alliance Access/Entry Configuration GUI
    • Alliance Access/Entry Message Management GUI
    • Alliance Access/Entry Monitoring GUI
    • Alliance Access/Entry Relationship Management Application GUI
  • Manage daily administration tasks
    • Alliance Access/Entry System and Integrity Checks
    • Alliance Access/Entry Event Log: Monitor
    • Alliance Access/Entry Calendar
    • Alliance Access/Entry Archive and Backup Messages and Events
    • Alliance Access/Entry Database Backup and Restore
    • Alliance Access/Entry Restore Messages and Events
    • Alliance Access/Entry Install and Configure Standards MT
    • Alliance Access/Entry Install and Configure Standards MX deployment packages and the ASP File
    • Alliance Access/Entry Manage the Swift Correspondents list
    • Alliance Access/Entry RMA Administration
  • Post test
    • Alliance Access Administrator - Professional curriculum evaluation
  • Additional resources - Related how-to videos
    • How to migrate templates in Alliance Access/Entry to new FIN Message Standards
    • How to update Routing Keywords after installing new Message Standards
    • How to import RMA authorisations
    • How to export RMA authorisations
    • How to perform message template housekeeping in Alliance Access/Entry
    • How to configure the new FIN Standards Release in Alliance Access
    • How to Install SConnect Firefox
    • How to run saa_supportinfo via command prompt on Windows

Training details

Category Deploy and Manage Software Solutions
Language English (United Kingdom)