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Your route to ISO 20022 adoption and the CBPR+ usage guidelines

ISO 20022 is gradually becoming the default standard used for exchange of payments schemes. The new standard offer opportunities to improve the quality of the information exchanged. In turn, this allows for more transparency in the business, increased efficiency and compliance levels, and improved automation.

With the ISO 20022 adoption well underway, years of practice and experience in managing SWIFT’s MT messaging standards must be replaced with new skills.

Now is the time to build the necessary expertise and capacity with your institution to plan for a smooth transition and reap benefits of the ISO 20022 structure and methodology.

Whether you are involved directly or indirectly in payment operations, you need to understand how ISO 20022 affect your organisation and your processes.

SWIFT learning services are here to support you.

To facilitate your journey to adopting ISO 20022 and the CBPR+, SWIFT is offering a two days seminar tailored to payments operations managers and staff, payments business analysts and product owners, as well as IT personnel looking for an initial overview of ISO 20022 CBPR+ payments.

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The session will guide you through the necessary fundamentals:

  • new information flows
  • the standards in scope of the ISO 20022 programme
  • new CBPR+ guidelines
  • mapping rules between MT and ISO 20022 standards
  • tools and services that can ease you through the adoption phase

This seminar has a modular structure that allows you to build your knowledge of the new standards systematically. Each module includes a combination of theoretical presentations, group brainstorms, hands-on activities and review exercises that help contextualise your key learnings.