SWIFT Integration Services

Whether you’re migrating from a legacy system or managing changes to your back-office applications, we can solve your integration challenges

Solving your integration challenges

When you adopt new products and services, there is often a knock-on effect on your back office systems. For instance, transactions may not be processed in the required format. Different back-office systems may also have different ways of connecting to SWIFT.

Whatever your challenges, our Integration Services team can integrate your back-office systems more effectively with SWIFT. Drawing upon extensive industry experience, we can help you overcome existing integration challenges. We can also address challenges posed by high rates of change to your back-office applications – whether those changes are driven by regulation, standards updates or system upgrades.

Furthermore, our tried-and-tested methodology offers end-to-end services for most aspects of your project. On conducting a functional analysis, we can provide you with a detailed implementation proposal. Based on your needs, we can also provide support for your integration project through additional services, products and tools.

Integrating your operations

Integrating your back office systems to your messaging platform presents a number of challenges – from reducing manual intervention to incorporating regulatory changes impacting your message flows. Our software solutions can bridge the gap.

Knowledge and expertise

Our unsurpassed knowledge of the SWIFT infrastructure – backed by our unique role in developing market practices – means we’re best placed to support your integration project.

Integration toolkit and consulting services

We can support your integration project with suitable products and services, including technical design, technical implementation, testing and quality assurance and go-live support.

SWIFT integration products

Our solution for your integration project can draw upon the Alliance Access Integration Platform (IPLA), a powerful integration tool which runs inside Alliance Access.

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SWIFT Integration Services