SWIFT Standards Consulting Services

Standards expertise directly from the source

Supporting the design, ownership, maintenance and publication of standards

Whether prompted by regulation or market initiatives, understanding and implementing changes to industry standards can be challenging.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Whether your business focus is on correspondent banking, trade, treasury, funds or securities, our standards experts can help you to design solutions to meet current and future challenges.

Drawing upon our unique body of expertise, we can help you to update and extend your catalogue of specifications and map existing capabilities to new functions. Our gap analysis methodology can help you to understand how new standards implementations will affect your business operations. We can also help you deploy and use MyStandards and MyStandards Readiness Portal in line with industry best practice.

Offering broad experience across the financial community as well as specialised rare domain knowledge, our team of consultants can bring an unparalleled mix of skills and experiences to your project.

Standards Release Impact Assessment

Understand the impact of SWIFT’s annual Standards Release on your business. Our Standards Release Impact Assessment will help you to increase the efficiency of your Standards Release process and analyse relevant changes in detail.

Using our gap analysis methodology

We can help you to understand the impact of a new standards implementation on your business operations, as well as provide a detailed specification of requirements.

Understanding usage guidelines

Streamline the management of messaging standards and market practice within your organisation. Improve the on-boarding experience for your clients.

Mapping legacy infrastructures to new services

We can provide comprehensive and structured mapping of old to new transactions, and supply clear rules to deal with syntax and semantic differences.

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SWIFT Standards Consulting Services