Support packages

Standard Standard Plus Premium Premium Plus Premium Custom
Suitable only for Lite customers, SWIFTRef customers and customers that are not SWIFT users. Default Support package for all SWIFT members not included under the Standard package. First level of enhanced Support. Suitable for customers managing a complex SWIFT infrastructure and who need more knowledge and faster assistance. Second level of enhanced Support. Suitable for customers managing a critical SWIFT infrastructure who need access to experts familiar with their infrastructure. Highest level of enhanced Support, offering customised features on top of the Premium Plus package.
Reactive features
Access to online support facilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contact SWIFT experts by phone No* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Priority call-handling and management escalation No No Yes Yes Yes
Incident management and Command Centre attention No No No Yes Yes
Proactive features
Newsletters and product updates No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annual infrastructure health check No No Yes Yes Yes
Named Support Contact No No Yes No No
Service Manager No No No Yes Yes
Monitoring and reporting features
Connectivity monitoring and alerting N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to the Online Monitoring tool N/A No Yes Yes Yes
Messaging monitoring and alerting N/A No No Yes Yes
Availability and support usage reports N/A No No Yes Yes
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Service description

*first 3 months for free, subsequent phone support available at a fee.

Complementary Support Options

Support level Benefits  Factsheet 
Operational Check-up
  • Quick and easy spot check of your SWIFT interfaces
  • Identify and detect potential operational risks relating to your SWIFT interfaces
  • Receive quick results in a standardised and lightweight format
Meet the Support Expert
  • Leverage the expertise of our in-house experts at a time convenient to you
  • Move up the value chain and discuss problem prevention
  • Remotely hosted sessions allow multiple participants to join, irrespective of geographic location
Monitoring and Alerting
  • Peace of mind knowing your critical SWIFT components are monitored
  • Personal alert and notification mechanism
  • Cost-effective and simple to set up, implement or maintain
Standards Upgrade
  • Minimise preparation, set-up and post installation activity
  • SWIFT will remotely install the patch
  • Option includes pre-analysis, reporting on impacted messages and results follow-up
Remote Support
  • A secure and efficient way to diagnose and troubleshoot your problems
  • Kept under your control and supervision
  • Improves service quality and reduces the cost of having SWIFT expertise on site