Release Timeline

Your reference plan for SWIFT products and services

Release Timeline

Release Timeline - Latest update: 8 February 2016

The Release Timeline provides planning information on the SWIFT portfolio.

Key go-live pipeline - Latest update: 8 February 2016



Sanctions Screening - Connector for Sanctions based on SWIFT Integration Layer

Q1 2016 (tentative)

Alliance Access 7.1.15

End March 2016

Alliance Web Platform SE 7.0.65

End March 2016

SWIFTRef BIC Directory 2018

End March 2016


End March 2016

Alliance Messaging Hub 3.4

April 2016

KYC Registry 2.2

Q2 2016 (tentative)

Alliance Access/Entry 7.1.20

Mid-July 2016

Alliance Gateway 7.0.50

September 2016

SWIFTNet Link 7.0.50

September 2016

SR 2016 20 November 2016

Alliance Access 7.2

March 2017

Alliance Gateway 7.2

March 2017

SWIFTNet Link 7.2

March 2017

Alliance Web Platform 7.2

March 2017


Products placed in maintenance mode

End of support

End of support


End of support

Alliance WebStation

31 December 2015

Alliance Messaging Hub January 2016

Alliance Integrator 7.0

30 April 2016

Alliance Messaging Hub 3.2 September 2016

SWIFTRef Bank Directory Plus

August 2016

SWIFTRef BIC – to – LEI Directory August 2016

Funds 4.5

November 2016

SR 2015

20 November 2016

SWIFTRef BIC Archive – SWIFTRef BIC Archive online December 2016

Accord services (Accord, GUI, CLS Third Party)

Accord services to be retired by 2017. For CLS Third Party, a 100% backwards compatible version will be delivered, no longer using the Accord platform. This will be transparent for both 3rd parties and CLS members.

Alliance Workstation

31 March 2017

SWIFTRef BIC Directory November 2018

Upcoming updates

The Release Timeline Excel document provides a summary of features, scheduled dates for availability and end-of-support, as well as upgrade indications.

Download the 8 February 2016 Release Timeline in Excel

Current releases

SWIFT maintains information about supported Releases or Patches, as a set of Compatibility Matrices providing:

  • Product Release / Patch
  • OS dependencies
  • Compatibility with other SWIFT products
  • Direct link to Release Letters and OS baseline

Access the information in the SWIFT KB.