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How you can help drive global gpi adoption

The full benefits of SWIFT gpi cannot be realised in isolation. Every bank in the community must work together to create a world where all cross-border payments are fast, transparent and secure, and customers have certainty on all their cross-border payments activity.

As a gpi member, you can help play a pivotal role in driving global adoption.

Onboard your branches

Over half of all cross-border payments traffic on SWIFT is now sent via gpi. Each bank can help us move towards 100% by encouraging all of their branch networks and international subsidiaries to move their traffic onto gpi and to provide payment confirmations on all incoming payments received across SWIFT. 

Tip: Consider running an internal workshop with your branch staff or regional networks to explain payment confirmations, the importance of tracking and how it can be achieved in your organisation  

Influence your network

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Take opportunities at industry events and meetings with your clients and peers to talk about why payments tracking and confirmation are important, and how they can help foster  better business relationships between counterparties and contribute to a better service towards the payment initiator and beneficiary customers.

Spread the message

Use your own channels and marketing tools to explain to clients and prospects what value gpi can bring to their business. 

Tip: SWIFT has a number of resources and materials to help you spread the gpi message. Contact your SWIFT account manager or gpi support team for more information.

Ask your vendor 

Does your payments system vendor support gpi and universal confirmations? Our gpi vendor programme provides a number of ways for vendors to integrate gpi and universal confirmations into their offering.