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By end 2020, all financial institutions on SWIFT will be required to confirm payments to the Tracker.

Universal confirmations rulebook

The universal confirmations rulebook provides the business rules and technical specifications - applicable to FIN users - to provide confirmations to the Tracker when receiving an MT103 message.

To which payments will universal confirmations apply?

A usage rule will apply to MT 103 and mandate all SWIFT financial institutions to provide a “Confirmation” on the outcome of a customer payment to the Tracker. This applies when funds got credited to a beneficiary account or the payment was rejected.

In what timeframe is a confirmation required?

Whilst it is recommended to provide a confirmation to the Tracker as of date of receipt of the payment, a confirmation is required within maximum 2 business days following its value date.

Which information must be provided to the Tracker?

The confirmation must provide the Status originator BIC, amount, currency and date/time of either the credit to the beneficiary account, or rejection. 

When the payment is transferred to a next agent outside of FIN, it is recommended that the financial institution that received the MT 103 and forwarded outside of FIN, provides an update to the Tracker.

When will universal confirmations become mandatory? 

Providing confirmations will become mandatory with Standard Release 2020 – as of 22 November 2020.


Universal confirmations rulebook

Download the rulebook (MySWIFT login required)


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