The new standard for cross-border payments

Transform your customers’ cross-border payment experience by delivering truly fast payments that are fully trackable from end to end.

SWIFT gpi is based on existing messaging standards and bank payment processing systems, making it quick and cost-effective to adapt to the new norm.

Through gpi, banks enhance their relevance within the fast-evolving international payments ecosystem by delivering immediate value to end customers. Additionally, gpi increases efficiencies for bank payment operational teams while reducing overall cost.

Built as a suite of cloud-based tools, SWIFT gpi allows you to track payments, monitor adherence to SLAs, and consult information related to your gpi member bank counterparties all in one place. It’s that easy.

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Deliver customer value

Transform your customers’ cross-border payment experience

Reduce payment costs

Reduce your payment enquiry costs by up to 50%

Easy implementation

Go-live in as little as 3 months by leveraging your current SWIFT setup

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Global corporates insist on SWIFT gpi

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Last update: 
4 October 2017

Six global Swiss companies say SWIFT gpi addresses their pain points around speed, transparency, and tracking of cross-border payments.

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SWIFT gpi - Speed

Hear from Wim Raymaekers, Head of SWIFT gpi, about how the service has transformed cross border payments.

Case Studies

NAB - Case Study

Read how National Australia Bank has been able to deliver payments information to customers more quickly and easily by opting for APIs when implementing SWIFT gpi.

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