Confirmation Copy

Our new Confirmation Copy service will automatically copy your trade confirmation messages to a selected third party matching service

Now live and fully operational

The SWIFT Accord matching service reaches its end of service on 31 October 2017. There will be no Extended Support service or other means to use Accord after this date. The Confirmation Copy service provides you with a smooth transition from Accord to your choice of replacement from those offered by third party matching providers.

The Confirmation Copy service enables you to have copied your FX trade confirmations: for all instruments, across all your branches, with all counterparties to a central matching solution. The service automatically sends a copy of your sent and received confirmation messages to your chosen third party matching provider.

Confirmation Copy offers you valuable benefits:

  • Fast and cost effective implementation: There’s no software to manage. You use your existing, secure SWIFT connectivity.
  • Matching is independent of solutions used by your counterparty, because your matching provider receives all of your sent and received confirmations.
  • Your choice of matching provider. You choose which third party provider to work with – and it’s easy to change when you need.
  • Local or central matching – depending on the provider you choose.

All third party matching providers commit to defined service levels for their SWIFT connectivity by subscribing to the SWIFT Premium support services, and passing an annual ‘Health Check’ to assess the operational health of the matching provider infrastructure. This check is performed on the matching provider’s prime infrastructure (SNL, Alliance Gateway, Access/Entry) and its underlying operating system. The purpose is to provide early detection of potential problems and so reduce operational risk.

Matching provider 

Memo of understanding 

Matching providers SWIFT interface status 

Implementation status
and for which message types

Bloomberg STP “CMS”

In review


Broadridge “PROactive”


"Health Check" completed

Implementation in progress for MT300, MT300 excluding CLS, MT305, MT306, MT320, MT330, MT340, MT341, MT360, MT361, MT362, MT399, MT600 and MT601
Calypso Technology Agreed  “Health Check” in progress Implementation in progress for MT300, MT305, MT306, MT320, MT330, MT340, MT341, MT360, MT361, MT600 and MT601
FIS “IntelliMatch Operational Control”


"Health Check" in progress
Implementation in progress for MT300, MT300 excluding CLS, MT305, MT306, MT320, MT330, MT340, MT341, MT360, MT361, MT362, MT395, MT396, MT399, MT600 and MT601

Misys International Banking Systems “CMS”


"Health Check" completed and live traffic Live for MT300, MT300 excluding CLS, MT305, MT306, MT320 and MT600
Smartstream "Corona" Signed    

Comprehensive, real-time solution for all your confirmations

Confirmation Copy automatically copies every sent and received confirmation to your matching provider in real-time. All instruments and counterparties are covered, across all your branches.

Highly efficient, simple and low-cost solution

With no software needed, Confirmation Copy is a very low-cost solution. And it’s easy to change your matching provider if you need. A fee for each confirmation copy received is charged to the matching provider – not the end user. Our charges will be available for full transparency.

Quality assured

Special provisions will be in place to protect data and ensure matching providers’ SWIFT connections are validated annually.

Get ready for Confirmation Copy

Keep up-to-date with implementation plans for Confirmation Copy.