Corporate actions

Reduce costs and risks with our global standard messages for straight through processing

Improve your corporate actions communications

With more than 60 corporate event types and multiple voluntary participation offers, corporate actions processing is a complex task.

Reduce the costs and mitigate the risks with our Corporate Actions solutions. They combine globally-recognised ISO messaging standards and SWIFT connectivity, to standardise and automate corporate actions communication flows and provide interoperability between information sources, market infrastructures, local agents, global custodians and investment managers. ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 global standards are now the lingua franca for corporate actions, replacing proprietary standards in virtually all markets.

Leverage your existing SWIFT infrastructure to reach counterparties and industry participants through a single channel for corporate actions processing, build scale – and reduce costs and risks for your business.

ISO 15022 Corporate Actions messages

Our suite of ISO 15022 based messages caters for Corporate actions, income reporting, and tax reclaim reporting functions to meet your need for automated processing.

ISO 20022 Corporate Actions messages

Many market infrastructures are introducing ISO 20022 for corporate actions. This suite of messages is backwardly compatible with the ISO 15022 message set.

Training and consulting

To help you automate and manage your corporate actions flows, we offer solutions training and tailored consultancy.

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