Collateral management

Comply with regulations, and reduce risks and costs, with our standardised messaging solutions

Automate collateral management

Regulations have increased the requirement for collateral - and for better ways to manage collateral operations.

Our collateral management solutions standardise, automate and track your collateral operations, reducing risks, improving straight through processing and saving costs.

Whether you’re a collateral giver, collateral taker, agent or service provider, we cover your messaging needs for bilateral collateralisation, triparty and central counterparty clearing.

Our bilateral collateral management solution is ideal for your repurchase agreements and securities lending, or for cleared and uncleared OTC derivatives and margin requirements. It facilitates posting of collateral and exchange of information around margin calls, substitution, interest payment processing and reporting. It uses ISO 20022 and ISO 15022 messages.

Our triparty collateral management solution is based on ISO 15022 securities standards. Messages facilitate communications with triparty agents, including matching and collateralisation status and exchange of statements.

Leading triparty agents and CSDs worldwide use our collateral management messages over SWIFT.

A single channel connects you to your counterparties worldwide

When you use our collateral management solutions, you can connect to counterparties, triparty agents and CSDs worldwide using the same channel and standards.

Meets regulatory requirements for transparency and efficiency

Our solutions meet the current regulatory framework, including for reporting cleared and uncleared OTC derivatives. They help you to improve transparency and reduce risks.

Suits all collateral models

Our ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 messages facilitate bilateral (for repurchase agreements; securities lending), triparty and central counterparty clearing (for cleared and uncleared OTC derivatives).

Explore our collateral management solutions

Leverage SWIFT infrastructure and global standards for better collateral management.