Connect to SWIFT

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Connect to SWIFT

You can connect to SWIFT using one of three connectivity solutions: SWIFT cloud connectivity, cloud-based connectivity using a SWIFT partner interface, or customer-hosted connectivity.

1. SWIFT cloud connectivity

The easiest way to connect to SWIFT is using SWIFT’s cloud-based connectivity solution, Alliance Lite2. With little upfront investment, you can use Alliance Lite2 to send and receive all types of SWIFT messages and files.

Using Alliance Lite2 makes it easy to use SWIFT for your cash, treasury and trade messages. You can also access a full range of related services, including setup and 24/7/365 support, as part of the standard offering.


  • Little upfront investment
  • Light system footprint – no system maintenance required at your premises
  • A highly secure, ‘peace of mind’ solution
  • Simple pricing model – you only pay for what you need

Alliance Lite 2

For companies like us it’s typically difficult to get through the complex IT structure. We don’t need to have a bank communication system in-house – it takes time, it’s complicated, and it’s not Volvo’s core business.

Jörgen Holmgren, Director Finance, Volvo

2. Cloud-based connectivity using a SWIFT partner interface

Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications (L2BA) is a cloud solution enabling you to combine your own software with SWIFT connectivity in a single package.

L2BA is used by a range of cloud-based applications, such as cash management solutions, treasury management systems, trade and securities platforms. By using this solution, our partners can integrate Alliance Lite2 with their software and deliver efficient multi-bank applications.


Partner Interface

3. Customer-hosted connectivity

Maybe you have specific security requirements – or maybe you are looking for complete control over your IT environment, including storage of your messaging data. Suitable for high traffic volumes, a customer-hosted infrastructure allows you to connect to SWIFT via our proprietary solutions called Alliance Access or Alliance Gateway.


  • Tailored solution, operational on your premises.
  • Full control over your systems.
  • Fully segregated data.

Customer Hosted Connectivity

We benefit from the advantages of SWIFT’s network access and, in addition, the initial connection to SWIFT has been easy to set up. This means that we can connect to SWIFT directly from the treasury application, without having to implement a separate infrastructure. This saves us a lot of time.

Peter Pontidas, Corporate Treasurer at Dentsu Aegis Network

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