Simple, secure and efficient corporate treasury

As your needs evolve, add new banks, support new instruments and adopt new reporting requirements quickly and easily.

Support business evolution and expansion

SWIFT for Corporates provides you with a single channel through which you can communicate with all of your banks across more than 200 territories, using a wide variety of financial messages.

You can also choose to access SWIFT in different ways, depending on your size and complexity. This includes SWIFT’s cloud-based Alliance Lite2 solution, while a growing number of vendors have also built SWIFT connectivity directly within their applications.

As your business evolves, whether through organic growth or mergers and acquisitions (M&A), you need to add new banks, and support new instruments and reporting requirements quickly and easily.

MyStandards is a single reference portal that provides comprehensive information on international standards, and in which banks and system vendors lodge their financial messaging formats. With access to a single, reliable source, you can add new banks, and define and maintain interfaces quickly and easily over time.