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Corporate Packs – Pack One

Manual access to worldwide payments reference data and a SEPA-compliant database

Payment failures generate costly investigations and delays, while putting your efficiency and reputation as a corporate at risk.

SwiftRef offers a series of Corporate Packages to meet your specific reference data and financial information requirements.

If you are looking to make your current client and supplier database SEPA-compliant, Corporate Pack One has everything you need.

The pack combines a monthly updated download of the full IBAN Plus (add link) file with the extensive look-up capability of Bankers World Online Reach. With Bankers World Online Reach, you can manually access 24/7 all the necessary payments reference data to process your payments correctly.

With IBAN Plus you can validate IBANs and derive the BIC from the IBAN.

What issues can you resolve with this directory?

  • Validate IBANs and derive the BIC from the IBAN
  • Understand and decompose any IBAN into its parts, such as the bank identifier and account number
  • Detect invalid IBAN payments before sending them, and detect incorrectly generated IBANs

What can you find in this pack?

  • IBAN-related data for financial institutions in SEPA and non-SEPA countries
  • Information about ISO IBAN formats registered by countries that adopted IBANs in their payment systems
  • A list of IBAN NATIONALIDs that are not allowed in IBANs