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SWIFTRef Data Manager features

As a standalone solution, SWIFTRef Data Manager allows you to manage, compare and merge SWIFTRef and non-SWIFTRef files on your desktop in a fast, easy and user-friendly way.

What challenges can you resolve with SWIFTRef Data Manager?

  • Data integrity concerns
  • Risks of having existing and accurate data inadvertently overwritten when uploading a new data file into your system
  • File type incompatibility
  • ERP-system and application file format incompatibility
  • The need for a directory prototype before producing the final version of your file
  • The need for tailored reports combining internal and external data such as customer or supplier names and addresses, BICs, Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs), national codes and credit ratings

What can you do with SWIFTRef Data Manager?

  • Check if a file has been corrupted or is incomplete
  • Manage all your data files in one central and standalone software application
  • Easily filter, suppress and sort data elements in a file
  • Spot check critical data
  • Build your own tailor-made directory, combining specific data elements from internal and external files and delivered in a file type compatible with your back-office or ERP system
  • Compare data between different versions of a file to gain a full overview of all data additions, deletions and modifications
  • Merge valuable data from up to three different files into one customised file
  • Save your newly created directory settings for automatic re-use when new versions of the source files are uploaded

In which formats can you import/export your data?

  • Data files must be imported in .txt or .zip format
  • Data files can be exported in .dat, .dos, .ebcdic, .txt, .xml or .csv format

Further information

  • This Java application runs on Windows
  • SWIFTRef Data Manager is accessible from company areas (secure zones) without internet access