Easing the integration of data with your applications and interfaces


SWIFTRef APIs ease the integration of data with users' applications and interfaces, as well as reducing the risks linked to integration with other systems. Users are provided with tailor made queries and responses (also named calls) that can be used directly by their software and applications, thereby reducing implementation costs.

To use the service, all that is required is a simple web call from within the user's software application. SWIFTRef APIs offer this automated data look-up service, via standard queries and responses, for any of the SWIFTRef data.

The following SWIFTRef APIs are available:

  • Check validity of a BIC
  • Get details of a BIC
  • How to reach a BIC in SEPA
  • Check validity of an IBAN
  • Get details of an IBAN
  • Get the BIC for an IBAN
  • Get the IBAN for BBAN
  • Get the LEI for a BIC
  • Get the BIC for an LEI
  • Check the validity of a national ID
  • Get BICs for a national ID
  • Get national IDs for a BIC
  • Get Details of a National ID
  • Get SSIs for a BIC

Please note that while every effort is made to maintain high performance and scalability, the overall performance of web services depends on application logic, network – and most importantly, underlying messaging and transport protocols.

All technical information, RAML File, Swagger file and source code are available on the Knowledge Centre;

SWIFTRef API - Factsheet

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Last update: 
9 June 2017

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SWIFTRef APIs services ease the integration of data with users' applications and interfaces, and reduce the risks linked to integration with other systems.


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