SSI Retail

Worldwide standing settlement instructions for flawless, straight-through commercial payments

Access to accurate and up-to-date Standing Settlement Instructions (SSIs) is critical for a fast and accurate cross-border payments process. This will improve your straight-through processing (STP) rates, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce your correspondent fees.

Our SSI Retail directory provides everything you need to address your SSI needs for commercial payments.

What issues can you resolve with this directory?

  • Identify beneficiary bank and name
  • Identify a beneficiary bank’s correspondents for various currencies where available
  • Identify account number of the beneficiary bank with the correspondent
  • Identify holding account institutions if the beneficiary institution has no direct correspondent relationship
  • Present preference, if expressed by the owner of the SSI, where more than one SSI per currency is present

What can you find in this directory?

  • Beneficiary bank’s name and BIC code
  • Beneficiary bank’s correspondent BIC code per category and currency
  • Beneficiary’s BIC of holding account owner and preference if multiple available

SSI Wholesale

Worldwide standing settlement instructions for flawless, straight-through wholesale payments


SSI Plus

Worldwide standing settlement instructions for both retail and wholesale payments



All the SEPA payment destination and routing information you need. SCT Instant information.



Ensuring accurate and complete beneficiary details for IBAN payments


SWIFTRef Reach Plus

Increase STP with membership and routing details for your beneficiary banks