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SEPA Plus features

Some institutions are members of multiple CSMs. Some are only indirect members, receiving payments via intermediary institutions. And some are not yet capable of processing all SEPA payment types (SCT, SDD Core, SDD B2B, and soon SCT Inst). Identifying the appropriate payment channel within SEPA can therefore be a considerable challenge. With SEPA Plus, you will have everything you need for a flawless SEPA payments process, including all payments routing data, bank’s capability to process SEPA scheme transactions, and all IBAN validation tools.

What issues can you resolve with this directory?

  • Identify SEPA clearing channels through which a beneficiary institution can be reached
  • Identify intermediary institutions if the beneficiary institution is an indirect CSM participant
  • Validate SEPA scheme adherence (SCT, SDD Core, SDD B2B, SDD) of selected channels
  • Find a counterparty’s ability to process SCTInst(ant) payments (end 2017)
  • Reflect preferred channels if alternatives exist
  • Access all functionalities covered in IBAN Plus directory, which are part of SEPA Plus

What can you find in this directory?

SEPA Plus directory includes the complete IBAN Plus directory. In addition, SEPA Plus offers:

  • Institution’s adherence to the EPC registry of SEPA schemes: SCT, SDD Core, SDD B2B and SCT Inst (end 2017)
  • BIC code of intermediary institution, in case of indirect CSM membership by an institution
  • Institution’s membership of SEPA CSMs
  • Channel preference, if a beneficiary institution is member of multiple CSMs