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SEPA Plus delivery channels

SWIFTRef supports multiple delivery channels and formats for the distribution of reference data. For this product these are the available options:

  • Online lookup
    Comprehensive web query tool for the manual look-up of payments reference data.
  • Data manual download
    Directories in txt and xml format, available on a monthly or daily basis from the portal.
  • Data download automation (web service)
    Download the entire directory package or individual files automatically in txt or xml format on a monthly or daily basis.
  • Data download automation (FileAct)
    Receive monthly and daily updated directories automatically over FileAct.


Ensuring accurate and complete beneficiary details for IBAN payments


Standing Settlement Instructions

Meeting your SSI data needs


SWIFTRef Reach Plus

Increase STP with membership and routing details for your beneficiary banks


Bankers World Online

Global financial reference data and financial information for payments, regulatory reporting and due diligence