Maintain your data

Discover the value of providing and maintaining your own reference data directly via the SWIFTRef utility

Maintain your data Features

Update your SEPA and SSI data

Managing your data is easy. SWIFTRef Publishing Area Keys (PAKs), which are freely available online access/maintenance tools for financial institutions, allow you to publish and maintain your own reference data to the SWIFTRef platform.

This data could include standing settlement instructions (SSIs) and SEPA information, such as foreign currency correspondents, SEPA-scheme adherence and ACH memberships.

Currently you can provide, review and update your reference data via the following PAKs:

  • SEPA PAK. This refers to your institution’s membership of the SEPA clearing and settlement mechanisms per SEPA scheme, and your intermediaries if applicable. The accuracy of this information is critical if your counterparty financial institutions are to find out how your institution is reachable via SEPA.


  • SSI PAK. This refers to your institution’s correspondents per currency for any type of cash payments, including commercial and wholesale (FX, MM, derivatives) payments. With this information, the sender will be able to find out the correct route for any foreign currency payments to you.

Once you have registered to use a PAK, we will run validation checks and issue your unique ID allowing you to login and access the requested PAKs.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, we invite you to request your PAK today.


Update your BIC data

To register or modify BIC-related data such as your institution name and address, or to request additional BIC codes, use the following SWIFT BIC registration forms:

Update your EURO1/STEP1 data

Access to the EURO1/STEP1 maintenance pages is only accessible to EURO1/STEP1 participants and requires (free) registration.

  • If you have no username yet on please register now.
  • If you are already registered on, you can visit Manage your profile and add the service "SWIFTDirectories data update". After confirmation by your SWIFT Administrator, you will be able to access the maintenance pages.

Other data to update?

For sharing or updates of your own reference data for other products you can also contact