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IBAN Plus features

Successful processing of large volumes of SEPA payments requires straight-through processing (STP) rates of close to 100%. To achieve this, IBANs and BICs must be valid, accurate and available. However, IBAN accuracy can be a challenge due to incorrect bank/branch IDs embedded within the IBAN.

IBAN Plus helps overcome these challenges by providing a worldwide central database for validating IBANs and deriving the corresponding BIC for more than 70 countries, including the 32 SEPA countries. A specific directory is also available for corporate ERP systems. If you are a financial institution sending international IBAN payments or SEPA payments, find out how SWIFTRef's solution can help you achieve smooth and timely payments STP and SEPA compliance.

What issues can you resolve with this directory?

  • Validate an IBAN, including country code pre-fix and IBAN length for the 70+ countries that adopted the IBAN
  • Extract the bank code and validate of its existence or confirm that they should not be present in IBANs
  • Find the corresponding BIC to be used, if not provided with the IBAN
  • Validate a BIC, if provided with the IBAN
  • Detect invalid IBANs generated by counterparties

For correct routing and fast execution of your SEPA payments, the SEPA Plus directory provides everything else you need for a flawless SEPA payments process.

What can you find in this directory?

  • Institution name and country
  • Institution’s bank/branch codes in the formats as embedded in IBANs
  • Institution’s BIC codes as issued together with the IBANs to the account holders
  • Data for the 32 SEPA countries and all non-SEPA countries (40+) that adopted the IBAN. Each time a new country registers a new IBAN format with SWIFT (in the ISO Registry for IBANs), the file is updated

If purchased as a file, you will also receive IBAN STRUCTURE information, which includes:

  • IBAN country prefix
  • IBAN length
  • Bank code length, composition and position within the IBAN
  • Account number length and position