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Entity Plus

Following the financial crisis and subsequent introduction of many new regulations in recent years, institutions active in the financial space are required to correctly and seamlessly identify their counterparties and their legal hierarchies.

With the objective of reducing risk and increasing transparency, regulations such as the 2007 Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID),  the Dodd-Frank Act,  FATCA, CSDR, AIFMD, Solvency II and EMIR all require the usage, and to some extent, the reporting on high quality entity identifiers and legal ownership information.

SWIFTRef’s Entity Plus directory can help you meet these regulatory requirements by addressing your challenges and needs.

Entity Plus is designed to offer you peace of mind through the collection, validation, maintenance and cross-referencing of entity data. The directory provides you with the mapping and cross-referencing of entity identifiers needed for you to be compliant with a large number of regulations across various markets. It will also allow you to gain visibility on your counterparties’ legal hierarchy structure by providing a view on their direct and ultimate legal parent entities.

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