Country, Currency & Holiday

Access reference data on country codes, currency codes and bank holidays

Country, Currency & Holiday features

The Country, Currency and Holiday (CCH) directory is indispensable when it comes to avoiding payment delays and rejections.

What issues can you resolve with this directory?

  • Country and currency code identification and validation
  • Bank holiday research

What can you find in this directory?

  • Time zones and payments system cut-off times
  • Payment cancellation rules and stop payment of cheque rules
  • Value date rules
  • Currencies, banking and stock exchange holidays
  • The ISO 3166 list of two-character country codes
  • The ISO 4217 list of three-character currency codes

In which format is this directory available?

  • Online, as part of Bankers World Online (updated daily)
  • As a file (updated monthly) which can be accessed in three ways:
    • Downloadable from our SWIFTRef portal, in xml or txt format
    • Using download automation, in xml or txt format
    • Delivered to you over FileAct in xml format

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