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Corporate Packs – Pack Two

Make accurate SEPA and international payments

Validating and permanently maintaining the necessary payments reference data (BIC, LEI, IBAN) of suppliers, clients and financial institutions can be an overwhelming challenge. Payment failures generate costly investigations and delays, while putting your efficiency and reputation as a corporate at risk.

SWIFTRef offers a series of Corporate Packages to meet your specific reference data and financial information requirements.

If you make frequent domestic, SEPA and cross-border payments, then Corporate Pack Two has everything you need.

The pack combines the extensive look-up capability of Bankers World Online with a monthly file-update of the full IBAN Plus and Bank Directory Plus. The SAP-compatible Bank Directory for SAP™ is also part of this package.


What issues can you resolve
with this pack?

  • Hassle-free and complete bank master data population and maintenance in SAP/ERP systems
  • Identify institution name, address and BIC
  • BIC identification and validation
  • National bank (clearing/sort) code identification
  • Institution’s bank/branch codes in the formats as embedded in IBANs


  • Institution’s BIC codes as issued together with the IBANs to the account holders
  • Institution’s adherence to SEPA scheme (SCT, SDD Core or SDD B2B) of selected channels
  • Identify a beneficiary bank’s correspondents for various currencies where available

What can you find in this pack?

  • All BIC codes from ISO-registry (200+ countries), from SWIFT connected and non-connected financial institutions and corporates
  • National bank identification codes (140+ countries)
  • Banks’ names, addresses and contact details
  • Banks’ SEPA data, including routing information and IBAN validation


  • Banks’ Standing Settlement Instructions (SSI) for worldwide treasury and wholesale payments
  • Country, currency and holiday information
  • Credit ratings
  • Bank hierarchy information

Which directories are included
in this pack?

  • Bankers World Online, for online lookup
  • IBAN Plus, as a flat file (in txt and xml format)
  • Bank Directory Plus, as a flat file (in txt format), including:
    • The Local Language File, which provides the names and addresses of banks in their local languages
    • The Service Directory, which helps financial institutions to look up financial institutions' participation in domestic and international clearing and settlement systems, look up the intermediary institution for indirect participants and decide on payment routing options


Note that our file-based products are compatible with SAP.

In addition, a tailored Bank Directory for SAP™ is available. This directory combines the complete set of bank and BIC codes for SEPA and non-SEPA countries in one file, and is optimised for an easy and fast set-up and maintenance of bank master data on your SAP/ERP system.

Please note that you may also subscribe to individual file-based SWIFTRef products that are not part of the Corporate Packs offering.