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SWIFTRef corporate packs

We provide a series of packs for corporates, combining several of our standard web query and file-based products.

Pack One is an ideal start for SEPA compliance. With Pack Two and Pack Three, you can benefit from an SAP™ compatible Bank Directory. Pack Three will also give you correspondent banking data (SSIs).

With all three packs, you have the option to take on SWIFT Consulting Services to validate bank data in your ERP system prior to loading the file. This minimises the impact on your client/supplier data and gives you full transparency on the quality of the data you hold.

SWIFTRef also offers an API option for all corporates.

Corporate Reference Data

Corporate Reference DataCorporate Reference Data
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Corporate Reference Data

Corporate Pack One

If you are looking to make your current client and supplier database SEPA-compliant, Corporate Pack One has everything you need.

Corporate Pack Two

Corporate Pack Two is suitable for companies which make frequent domestic, SEPA and cross-border payments.

Corporate Pack Three

Global corporates with large-scale payments operations and critical FX/MM transactions should opt for Corporate Pack Three.

Corporate Packs