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BIC Plus features

BIC Plus will inform you of the institution behind the BIC, whether this BIC is connected to SWIFT, and where the financial institution is located.

How will BIC Plus assist you?

  • BIC identification and validation
  • Insight into newly added or deleted BICs
  • Connectivity status on SWIFT network (FIN & SWIFTNet)
  • Identify trading counterparts with only active BICs at the time of the trading
  • Look-up of an institution’s name, address and contact, both for operation and legal address
  • Research on bank holidays, currencies and country data
  • Reporting on the life cycle events of a BIC

BIC Directory 2018 features

With BIC Directory 2018, you can take advantage of its easiness of use and back-office integration. It provides information about the institution behind the BIC, SWIFT FIN connectivity status and the financial institution location for active BICs.

BIC Plus File features

BIC Plus file is an enriched file intended to provide support for regulatory and internal reporting. On top of the above, it provides BIC related events and history for active and expired BICs and connectivity information on SWIFTNet FileAct and InterAct. The BIC Plus product gives you the choice to use either both BIC Plus file or BIC Directory 2018 at no additional cost.