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of secure financial messaging services

You are operating in the Onboarding, Risk management or Compliance Department of your institution.

You need to collect and validate a series of key information on your future and existing business counterparties.

This information needs to be standardized, actionable and easy to understand in order to allow you to compare entities.

Whether you are a financial institution or a corporate, Bankers World Online ENTITY allows you to:

  • Get a single and consistent way of looking at all entities
  • Prospect and assess new potential business counterparties
  • Verify and validate information on existing business counterparties
  • Perform basic due diligence on entities


  • Easy access through our secure online platform
  • Single source for look-ups on global, accurate and always up-to-date entity data
  • Direct link to KYC Registry and Bankers World Online REACH (for payments data)

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