Bank Directory Plus

Reference data to support your domestic and internal payment needs

Bank Directory Plus features

Bank Directory Plus contains all the reference data you require to prepare, validate and process payments to any bank, anywhere.

What issues can you resolve with this directory?

  • BIC and LEI identification, validation and matching
  • National bank (clearing/sort) code identification
  • Name, address and bank holiday research for any financial institution or corporate listed
  • Understanding of operational bank hierarchies
  • Identification of the most efficient channel to reach a beneficiary institution
  • Understanding of correspondent banks' membership in national and international clearing and settlement systems
  • Data provisioning for the building of a bank master file

What can you find in this directory?

  • All BIC-11 codes from ISO-registry (200+ countries), from connected and non-connected financial institutions and corporates
  • National clearing/sort codes (150+ countries), including:
    • CHIPS, TARGET and EBA data
    • national bank codes in original (non-Latin) character set for some specific countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Russia and others
  • Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs)
  • Name and address details for each BIC
  • FIN service codes: Some servive codes provide the Financial institutions' participation in domestic and international clearing and settlement systems
  • Bank hierarchy information
  • Payment system routing data
  • Country, currency and holiday information

BIC Plus

An indispensable source for efficient payments preparation and repair


Country, Currency & Holiday

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