Bank Directory Plus

Global reference data to support your domestic and international payment needs

Data supporting domestic and international payments

As an organisation operating on a global scale, you need accurate and up-to-date reference data to support processing hundreds or thousands of payments.

Whether you are a corporate or a financial institution, Bank Directory Plus is the ideal directory to help you prepare, validate and process payments to any bank, anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Bank Directory Plus:

  • Increase your staff efficiency by saving time and resources spent in investigating and repairing erroneous payments 
  • Become more competitive and enhance your reputation by reducing payment delays and rejections 
  • Reduce your costs associated with payment failure investigations 
  • Reduce your operational risks by automating payment validation before submitting the transactions 
  • Increase your data governance quality by automating data loading and updating processes

What SWIFTRef's Bank Directory Plus can do for you

Bank Directory PlusWhat SWIFTRef's Bank Directory Plus can do for you
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What SWIFTRef's Bank Directory Plus can do for you


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