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MyStandards Roadmap

Our commitment to ensure MyStandards continuously evolves in line with industry needs

MyStandards Roadmap

MyStandards is all about collaboration and communication between standards stakeholders to make it easier to manage, apply and use standards effectively. Our dynamic development roadmap ensures the community’s needs are delivered.

A programme of continuous improvement

How does MyStandards evolve to stay relevant and responsive? It all starts with our users. Active, regular dialogue sessions across the standards community provide valuable input that is carefully captured, prioritised and fed into our dynamic development roadmap.


Based on this practical input, we plan two to four themed releases per year, plus a number of small enhancement releases to deliver continuous service improvements and respond quickly to specific requirements. These updates are then deployed to MyStandards and the MyStandards Readiness Portal during scheduled bi-weekly maintenance, so users get the benefit quickly.


Future developments

This year's (2017) roadmap includes:

  • Online Usage Guideline Editor (UGE v1.0): allows publishers to update specifications directly on MyStandards without the need for additional offline software.
  • Role governance: More flexible user management, and the option for Premium users to create their own custom roles with a choice of features.

In the future, we will also look at:

  • Enhanced dashboards providing metrics on use of specifications and testing activity.
  • Extending the platform to support non-MT or MX standards.

Our recent releases

Recently implemented releases have provided:

  • Business Application Header (BAH) for ISO 20022: Full support for ISO 20022 message definitions from guideline creation all the way to testing.
  • Small enhancements: Export business intelligence reports as Excel files; choose the severity level a user will see in the Readiness Portal.