MyStandards Readiness Portal

Testing made simple

Benefits for Financial Market Infrastructures

MyStandards Readiness Portal simplifies implementation and migration by providing an online standards and messaging test environment for your community.

As a market infrastructure, your first concern is to provide an efficient and secure processing environment for your user community. You frequently manage change projects across a large user base - whether that’s a standards update, a major migration project such as ISO 20022 implementation, or simply bringing new users or services on-stream.

Giving your community access to the online testing capabilities of the Readiness Portal can help to reduce potential errors and delays during projects and give your community members the support they need to manage implementations and changes smoothly. 

Key features

  • You can tailor the Readiness Portal to an individual user or to your wider community’s specific testing requirements.
  • The Readiness Portal is fully integrated with MyStandards, so your community members can check against your specifications, or against any MT, MX or ISO 20022 standard, at any time, with one click.
  • The coverage analysis feature lets you monitor the progress of your users and see what they have been testing and what the results have been so far, so you can offer support where needed.
  • Testing is independent; market participants can test their message formats whenever they need, without a testing partner. 
  • The Readiness Portal is fully online - there’s no software to install on their side. So, you can set-up participants in no time at all, without fuss or costs for them.
  • The Readiness Portal is also an ideal solution to validate your usage guidelines internally before publication, or test your in-house systems are fully aligned at any time.

The MyStandards Readiness Portal is available for an additional subscription to MyStandards. For more information, please contact us.




MyStandards Readiness Portal factsheet

Testing in the cloud for faster customer onboarding

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