MyStandards Readiness Portal

Testing made simple

Benefits for banks

Online, self-service testing reduces the costs of onboarding corporate customers by up to 50%

Managing customer onboarding or migration projects efficiently is an important differentiator in the market. Too often, errors in setting up message formats go undetected until late in the process, resulting in failures, delays and added costs.  

Giving your corporate customers access to the online testing capabilities of MyStandards Readiness Portal lets you monitor their testing progress and readiness – and give timely support when needed. As a result, you can reduce the cost and time required for onboarding by up to 50%, as well as provide a better implementation experience for your customers.  

Key features

  • You can tailor the Readiness Portal to each corporate’s specific testing requirements
  • The Readiness Portal is fully integrated with MyStandards, so your customers can check against your specifications at any time, with one click.
  • Testing is independent so your customers can test their message formats whenever they need. And with MyStandards, they also benefit from a single approach to onboarding across all channels and all their banks.
  • The coverage analysis feature lets your integration teams monitor your customer’s progress and see what they have been testing and what the results have been so far.
  • The Readiness Portal is fully online: there’s no software to install on the customer side. So, you can set up your customers in no time at all, without fuss or costs for them.
  • The Readiness Portal is also an ideal solution to validate your Usage Guidelines internally before publication, or test your in-house systems are fully aligned at any time.
  • You always maintain full control of your banking format.

MyStandards Readiness Portal is available for an additional subscription to MyStandards. For more information, please contact us.


MyStandards Readiness Portal factsheet

Testing in the cloud for faster customer onboarding

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Case Studies

Barclays and Navigators Case Study

Innovative MyStandards technology from SWIFT fast tracks ISO 20022 onboarding

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Case Studies

Citi and British Council Case Study

Citi uses MyStandards to reduce ISO 20022 XML testing timeline by half

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