MyStandards Readiness Portal

Testing made simple

Testing in the cloud for faster customer onboarding

The Readiness Portal offers a fuss-free way to test messages against standards specifications and market practice guidelines, ensuring smooth implementations and migrations.

Key features

  • Readiness Portal subscribers can tailor the portal to their customer's or counterparty’s specific testing requirements.  
  • The Readiness Portal is fully integrated with MyStandards, so your customers or counterparties can check against your specifications or against any MT, MX or ISO 20022 standards, at any time, with one click.
  • Testing is independent; you or your counterparty can test message formats whenever you need, without a testing partner.
  • The Readiness Portal is fully online; there’s no software to install.
  • As well as testing with customers or counterparties, the Readiness Portal is also an ideal solution to validate Usage Guidelines internally, or test in-house systems are fully-aligned at any time.

Find out how Readiness Portal works best for you:

The licensing model

The full functionality of the MyStandards Readiness Portal is available for an additional subscription to MyStandards. This allows you to make testing against your specifications available to your chosen customers, counterparties, subsidiaries or technology partners.   

If your bank or counterparty makes the Readiness Portal available to you for testing, there is no charge or set-up requirements on your side.


MyStandards Roadmap

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