MyStandards Readiness Portal

Testing made simple

Fast and easy customer-side testing

With MyStandards Readiness Portal, a subscription-based service, you can offer your customers an easy-to-use online facility to test their messages against your defined formats and guidelines during implementation. The result: faster, smoother customer onboarding, fewer issues during end-to-end testing, and fewer calls on customer service teams.

It’s easy to tailor portals for individual customers or groups of customers, providing only relevant information and streamlining their onboarding experience to new products or services.

Of course, MyStandards Readiness Portal is fully integrated with the MyStandards platform, so your customers can cross-check against field definitions in your specifications or access other relevant documentation to resolve errors or issues as they test.

And you can also monitor your customers’ progress. The coverage analysis feature lets you see any business options not yet tested, providing you with valuable feedback on progress towards implementation.

MyStandards Readiness Portal is also an ideal internal tool to validate your usage guidelines against messages before wider publication; it delivers quality collaboration between business and IT teams.

Easily test messages against usage guidelines

Provide your customers with a tailored, streamlined testing environment and access to all the specifications they need.

Fast, cost-free access for your customers

Your customers only need to register to access the portal, which you can tailor to their needs. No customer-side software or subscriptions means they’ll be up and running in minutes.

Streamlines customer onboarding

Reduces costs and complexity of customer onboarding by providing a controlled environment for implementation testing and monitoring.

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Find out about the benefits of the Readiness Portal

What works for your business?


Create a controlled online testing environment tailored to your customers’ needs, and reduce the costs and complexities of onboarding.


Make it easy to test messages against markets-, instrument-, or counterparty-specific formats and usage guidelines.


A cost-free, simplified testing environment takes the pain out of implementing new products and services with your banks.

Market Infrastructures

MyStandards Readiness Portal is a great way to help your community comply with your message implementation guidelines.


Explore the benefits of a controlled online testing environment for standards and specifications.

MyStandards Readiness Portal