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Testing in the cloud for faster customer onboarding

Fast and easy customer-side online testing tool

MyStandards Readiness Portal simplifies customer onboarding and migration projects by providing powerful customer-facing standards testing capabilities and customisation. 

As it is fully integrated with MyStandards, with all specifications accessible online, your counterparties can independently test message formats at any time without a testing partner. 

Self-service documentation and testing provide clear feedback on testing errors during implementation, ensuring there are fewer errors during the end-to-end testing phase and fewer calls on customer service teams.

Enhanced customer experience

MyStandards Readiness Portal is an online application that can be set up in just five minutes. With no local footprint, there is no need for you or your counterparty to install any software. 

All standards content – standards releases, market practice guidelines, etc. – is easily accessible 24/7 in a central online repositorywith no need to establish a network connectivity first.

As it’s network agnostic, Readiness Portal offers a harmonised experience for documentation and testing across both SWIFT and non-SWIFT channels (host-to-host, e-channels, etc.).

Internal efficiency gains

MyStandards Readiness Portal can also help you enhance collaboration between business and IT teams by using it to validate specifications and Usage Guidelines internally first before external publication. 

You always maintain full control of your banking format and ensure in-house systems are fully aligned at any time. 

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