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MyStandards for financial market infrastructures

A central source for financial market infrastructures

Market infrastructures are adopting MyStandards as the place to publish and maintain global standards and market practice guidelines for their market participants.

The collaborative web platform is an online repository for SWIFT MT, MX and all ISO 20022 standards, and the central source of ISO 20022 information, as required by the ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter.

You can define your usage of ISO 20022 in MyStandards, share customised guidelines for local communities, and obtain their feedback using the collaborative commenting features.

Streamline ISO 20022 migration

MyStandards makes it easy to manage ISO 20022 migration programmes. 

Multi-format documentation and powerful comparisons give market participants an easy way to stay up-to-date with market developments and requirements. 

Thanks to the self-service testing capabilities of MyStandards, Market Infrastructures can easily monitor community readiness, and ensure coherent standards usage across geographies

Together with the Readiness Portal and SWIFT Translator, MyStandards makes it easier than ever to manage community migrations and streamline format translation. 

Adoption of ISO 20022 

Interview with Siegfried Vonderau, Deutsche Bundesbank, Head of Division, Eurosystem Market Infrastructure.

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