MyStandards platform

The ultimate tool to manage standards definitions and industry practice more efficiently

MyStandards for financial market infrastructures

Market infrastructures are adopting MyStandards as the space to publish and maintain standards and guidelines for their communities.

The collaborative web platform is an online repository for SWIFT MT, MX and all ISO 20022 standards - and a space where you can publish and maintain market practice guidelines for market participants.

MyStandards is also becoming the central source of ISO 20022 information, as required by the ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter.

Benefits for market infrastructures and their communities

  • Consult and use global standards and guidelines
  • Define customised guidelines for local communities
  • Maintain standards and guidelines
  • Manage ISO 20022 migration programmes
  • Give market participants an easy way to stay up-to-date with market developments and requirements
  • Monitor community readiness (using the Readiness Portal)
  • Provide market participants with independent testing capabilities (using the Readiness Portal)

Your market participants will benefit from:

  • Your documentation and guidelines easily available in multiple formats
  • Self-service testing (using the Readiness Portal)
  • No cost to register for MyStandards

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MyStandards for Corporates factsheet

A single, easy-to-use platform to manage specifications from your bank and industry initiatives

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MyStandards Premium Licence for Corporates factsheet

The global standards management platform for global corporates

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Case Studies

Barclays and Navigators Case Study

Innovative MyStandards technology from SWIFT fast tracks ISO 20022 onboarding

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Case Studies

MyStandards Deutsche Bank Case Study

"Deutsche Bank offers SWIFT MyStandards via Autobahn App Market to streamline client onboarding "

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