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The ultimate tool to manage standards definitions and industry practice more efficiently

Why corporates are choosing MyStandards

Register for MyStandards free of charge for online access to up-to-date standards and documentation – including the latest specifications and usage guidelines from your banks.

For corporate treasurers, flawless communication of payment instructions and transactions with your banks is business-critical. When it comes to implementing a new service or adding a banking partner in a new market, you need things to go quickly and smoothly. And if something changes in the message formats, you want to update your systems in good time.

The efficient way to manage standards documentation

With the MyStandards collaborative web platform, your bank can share with you its Message Implementation Guidelines and other documentation for MT, MX and ISO 20022 messages, so you always have access to the latest requirements.

MyStandards is also an online repository of all current and future MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards and publicly available market practice guidelines (e.g. CGI) and specifications for you to browse or download.

It’s free of charge to sign up for these benefits of MyStandards – you simply need to register your email address and ask your bank to share their documentation.

Streamline and document your standards practice with MyStandards Premium features 

MyStandards Premium offers even more features to help you formalise your standards practice across your organisation and with multiple banking partners. The Premium service is available for an annual subscription. It enables you to:  

  • Compare bank requirements between banks and against market practices such as CGI
  • Formalise, document and update your organisation’s standards practice for internal use
  • Give access to multiple users across your organisation and subsidiaries
  • Share documentation with software providers and other partners
  • Access a wide range of activities such as user group events, premium training sessions and monthly dialogue sessions.

For more information on subscribing to MyStandards Premium service, please contact us.

Add independent online testing

With MyStandards Readiness Portal, you can independently test message formats and changes online to eliminate errors early on in your implementations and speed up onboarding.


Get started for free

Ask your banks to share their Message Implementation Guidelines with you.


MyStandards Premium Licence for Corporates factsheet

The global standards management platform for global corporates

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MyStandards for Corporates factsheet

A single, easy-to-use platform to manage specifications from your bank and industry initiatives

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Case Studies

Barclays and Navigators Case Study

Innovative MyStandards technology from SWIFT fast tracks ISO 20022 onboarding

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Case Studies

MyStandards Deutsche Bank Case Study

"Deutsche Bank offers SWIFT MyStandards via Autobahn App Market to streamline client onboarding "

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