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Enhanced automation for securities market firms

Enhanced automation for securities market firms

The securities markets are, by nature, complex. There are many instruments, each with its unique characteristics, lifecycle and settlement terms. 

Add to that local market practices, back office constraints, and commercial considerations, and variations to globally-agreed standards soon multiply – presenting challenges to straight-through processing and automation.

MyStandards helps to smooth the transaction lifecycle by providing a collaborative, online platform to streamline the management of financial message standards releases and market practice guidelines for your organisation.

Cut through complexity

MyStandards gives you the support you need to cut through the complexity of securities markets and instruments and use standards effectively in your business. 

You can find all the global standards, counterparty specifications and industry guidance you need, up-to-date and in one place. You can also publish and manage your own specifications and usage guidelines, and share them internally and with your counterparties, as appropriate.

Use MyStandards to consult all ISO 15022 and 20022 message definitions, view T2S messages usage guidelines, or consult various SMPG templates for both Settlement and Reconciliation and Corporate Actions. 

Speed up implementation

The MyStandards repository holds all current and future MT, MX and ISO 20022 financial standards, allowing for a more efficient migration to ISO 20022 messages.

Combined with the Readiness Portal for online testing, MyStandards facilitates easy onboarding to new counterparties or markets and reduces implementation errors.

Simplify standards release upgrades

Thanks to automated impact analysis and self-testing on customised client portals, MyStandards reduces costs linked to standards release upgrades by 30% and time efforts by 50%. 

In a nutshell, MyStandards increases straight-through processing, improves back-office automation and reduces costs.

It offers you a harmonised experience for documentation and testing across all channels - SWIFT and non-SWIFT (host-to-host, e-banking, etc.).

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