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A wealth of industry knowledge for partners

Access up-to-date standards, market practice guidelines and specifications. MyStandards is a rich source of industry knowledge for technology providers, partners and FinTechs.

Global financial standards, including SWIFT MT and ISO 20022 messages, have transformed the financial services industry, significantly improved interoperability, and provided opportunities for easier integration and development.

The information challenge

For technology providers, partners and FinTechs serving the industry, it’s vital to be up-to-date with current standards and market practice. But this can be a challenge in a global industry with many variations in practice across markets and financial institutions, reflecting local market regulations, back-office constraints and commercial strategies.

MyStandards keeps you up-to-date
with current practice

MyStandards is a rich source of easy-to-access industry knowledge, maintained up-to-date in one central, online repository.

By registering for MyStandards, you will have access to all publicly available information on the platform, including current and future MT and MX standards and hundreds of published market practice guidelines – plus any specifications that publishing institutions choose to share with you. You’ll be able to browse and download the information whenever you need, secure in the knowledge it is fully up-to-date.

Benefits for partners

MyStandards is more than simply a repository of standards and specifications. It comes with a set of features that streamlines standards library management:

  • Discover in a few clicks what you need to serve a new market or a new customer.
  • Avoid the cost and time of maintaining separate standards libraries
  • Get the right information with consistency between business documentation and machine-readable formats.
  • Test against your customers’ or prospects’ specific formats with the Readiness Portal.

MyStandards provides the standards foundation for partnerships, making it easy for you to collaborate with your customers, respond to RFPs and exchange information securely.

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