MyStandards platform

The ultimate tool to manage standards definitions and industry practice more efficiently

A one-stop shop to manage end-to-end standards processes more cost-effectively

MyStandards is the collaborative web platform for users of SWIFT MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards. 

It provides easy access to publicly available base standards definitions and any usage guidelines publishers have shared with you specifically. 

The financial industry uses financial standards to achieve automated execution of its business transactions. Financial institutions, market infrastructures and market practice organisations use MyStandards to transform how they centralise, analyse and implement standards releases and message specifications across markets and business processes.

MyStandards: Standards made simple

What is MyStandards?MyStandards: Standards made simple
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MyStandards: Standards made simple

MyStandards 2.1 is live

MyStandards 2.1 includes the new versioning feature, enabling version and life-cycle management of your specifications.

Central Online Repository

A freely available online repository for all current and future MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards.

Share specifications

MyStandards makes it easy to share standards-related information with your counterparties and obtain their feedback.

Analyse and compare

Impact analysis and comparison between MT or ISO 20022 message specifications help automate tasks and promote consistent, high quality documentation.

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MyStandards for Corporates Onboarding

Increase internal efficiency and satisfy customers with state of the art on-boarding tools

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Case Studies

BNP Paribas & Vilmorin & Cie expediate the onboarding process with MyStandards

Vilmorin & Cie testimony: how BNP Paribas streamlines implementation projects worldwide using MyStandards Readiness Portal

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Case Studies

Making speed count for Citi’s custody clients

Citi providing client-readiness efficiency tools via SWIFT’s MyStandards and Readiness Portal

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How MyStandards works best for you


Make sure your payment and cash management message specifications are accessible and clear for your customers.


Manage complexity across markets, instruments and counterparties by standardising and documenting your specifications online.


Streamline and simplify the receipt of message implementation guidelines from your banking partners.

Market Infrastructures

Efficiently distribute message specifications to ensure seamless implementation for your participants.


MyStandards provides FinTech and other vendors with a rich source of industry standards, specifications and guidelines. Is it the launchpad for your future services?