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Standards made simple

MyStandards is the collaborative web platform for users of SWIFT MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards.

It provides easy access to all current and future base standards definitions, as well as a platform for financial institutions, market infrastructures and market practice organisations to create, publish and share specifications and usage guidelines.

MyStandards transforms standards management by centralising and streamlining standards releases and market practice guidelines. This enables internal management of specifications between global teams, and facilitates controlled publication to counterparties and customers.

Adopting MyStandards will deliver significant efficiency benefits to your organisation through improved data quality and handling, better coordination and version management, and more efficient collaboration across industry segments, relationships and counterparties.

Standards users can easily browse content or download it in PDF, Excel or XML Schema formats. Powerful analytical tools significantly reduce the time it takes to implement and maintain standards each year.

Simply registering your email address will give you access to publicly available content on MyStandards as well as any specifications that publishers have shared with you. Opt in for Premium service for even more valuable features.

MyStandards 2.1 is live

MyStandards 2.1 includes the new versioning feature, enabling version and life-cycle management of your specifications.

The collaborative web platform for SWIFT and ISO 20022 standards

A publicly available repository of all current and future MT, MX and ISO 20022 base standards definitions for browsing or downloading in a choice of formats.

Create, publish, share and organise your market or bilateral specifications

Financial institutions and market practice organisations can efficiently create, publish and share their specifications and usage guidelines with users and customers via MyStandards.

Manage versions and analyse changes

The new versioning feature of Release 2.1 allows publishers to manage versions and the lifecycle of their specifications, and helps users to analyse and understand changes.

Find out about the MyStandards community

With MyStandards, our customers are part of the development team.

How MyStandards works best for you


Make sure your payment and cash management message specifications are accessible and clear for your customers.


Manage complexity across markets, instruments and counterparties by standardising and documenting your specifications online.


Streamline and simplify the receipt of message implementation guidelines from your banking partners.

Market Infrastructures

Efficiently distribute message specifications to ensure seamless implementation for your participants.


MyStandards provides FinTech and other vendors with a rich source of industry standards, specifications and guidelines. Is it the launchpad for your future services?

MyStandards platform