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Benefits for banks

The MT Standards Release Portal helps you implement annual mandatory releases more efficiently.  

Standards are critical to your business – but managing them can be time-consuming, costly work.

The MT Standards Release Portal is a powerful toolset to simplify the process of implementing the annual mandatory MT standards release, saving you time, costs and potential errors and delays.

Identify and analyse changes

The portal makes it easy to identify the differences between the current and the next release and understand what will affect your businesses and operations.

All changes are clearly listed by message type. You can quickly see what’s relevant - without wading through large amounts of documentation. You can look at business reasons for changes and check the relevant change requests if needed.

Simplify changes for your customers

When you use the MT Standards Release Portal to proactively manage annual changes, you’ll be able to update and publish your specifications in good time, helping your customers get ahead with implementing the changes they need to make in the messages they send to you.

You can also test for compliance against the new Standards Release. Get started with MT Standards Release Portal now.