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Accelerate your compliance with the next Standards Release

Accelerate your compliance with the next Standards Release

Standards are critical to your business – but managing them can be time-consuming and costly.

The annual MT Standards Release is an important and mandatory update – the Portal makes it easy to identify, understand and act on the changes that affect your operations.

You can test messages against the current and next standards release simply by selecting the relevant test portal. You’ll get an immediate validation report highlighting the areas that require further attention to ensure compliance against the new standards release.

When you use the MT Standard Release Portal to proactively manage annual standards releases, you’ll always be on top of changes that affect your business and your counterparties - reducing the potential for errors and delays. 

Take the guesswork out of standards changes

The MT Standards Release Portal makes it easy to identify and analyse changes that affect your business, and streamline the release cycle end-to-end.

The Portal shows all changes between current and upcoming standards releases, clearly listed by message type – and colour coded. You can see both technical changes and the business reasons for each change and consult the relevant change requests with just a few clicks. 

Once you’ve identified and analysed the changes that are relevant to your operations, you can update specifications for your organisation and counterparties as needed, and publish promptly on MyStandards.

The MT Standards Release Portal is hosted on a secure website, so your teams can access and use the Portal quickly and easily, without further setup, and you can test whenever you need independently, without a testing partner or counterparty.

The MT Standards Release Portal is available as part of the MyStandards Premium service or as a standalone annual subscription.

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Simplify how you manage mandatory standards updates