MyStandards Base Libraries

Implementation made simple

Helping you implement standards

Previously known as The Standards Developer Kit, MyStandards Base Libraries provides rich, machine-readable content and tools.

Key features

  • The MT-XML Enriched Schema Library:  a complete set of XML schema definitions of MT messages and code samples to convert MT formats to MT XML representation and back. This approach allows integration between applications in XML, and development using commodity XML tools, with messages carried over SWIFT in FIN.
  • The MX Enriched Schema Library:  comprehensive, rich definitions for all ISO 20022 / MX messages.
  • The MX Enriched Spreadsheet Library:  Excel-compatible, this library  includes full message definitions, plus details of changes since the last release.

The libraries are updated with each standards release.

Key benefits

  • Definitive, up-to-date content for all MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards is easily available in one central repository.
  • Machine-readable content is ready-to-use by your IT staff and developers, saving time and costs.  
  • Facilitates the easy and efficient implementation of SWIFT and ISO standards using modern, XML-based technologies.

MyStandards Base Libraries is available as part of the MyStandards Premium licence, or for a separate subscription.

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