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Stop high risk transactions in their tracks

Flexible screening configurations and routing rules

Choose to screen all of your structured message formats in real-time (including FIN, ISO 20022, SEPA and non-SWIFT formats) or opt to only screen your incoming and outgoing FIN messages.

Transaction Screening offers an additional layer of customisability to make sure you only screen what you need to. Create your own rules and apply them to transactions that meet specific criteria, like message type, currency or destination, and choose whether to block or allow flagged messages to continue. Implement exception or suppression rules to reduce false positives and apply an optional ‘four-eyes’ workflow for added security. 

Real-time, smart screening for an ISO 20022 world

SWIFT’s Transaction Screening service screens your messages in real-time against over 70 comprehensive, up-to-date sanctions lists. Our new Smart Screening feature allows you to leverage the extra data fields that ISO 20022 messages contain, to reduce false positives.  

We take care of the complexities for you: hosting, managing and maintaining the screening engine, including a range of logical tests (to detect misspellings, abbreviations and phonetic similarities) and sensitivity thresholds.

Screen all your transactions in one place

Part of our screening and fraud solutions, Transaction Screening is hosted in a single portal alongside our Name Screening and Payment Controls solutions. After signing up to Transaction Screening, customers will immediately gain access to our look-up tool for single names, which are screened against Sanctions Lists. Customers can easily upgrade to include screening against Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Relatives, and Close Associates (RCA) lists and Adverse media. 

As the portal is a fully managed service that requires no infrastructure, your institution can be quickly up and running. We take care of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to act on the results. 

Independent quality assurance

For added reassurance, SWIFT has commissioned regular independent reviews of the effectiveness of Transaction Screening. These reports provide transparency around filter capabilities, as well as generic and user-specific filter configuration settings.

Got a question about Transaction Screening? Get in touch with our experts.