Sanctions Testing

Independent quality assurance for your sanctions filters

Automated, independent sanctions testing. For better, smarter transaction, customer and PEP screening

As a compliance professional, you need to balance complex demands. Regulators expect banks to maintain strong compliance programmes and demonstrate their effectiveness. The sanctions environment is dynamic, with daily changes to sanctions lists, as well as frequent regulatory and business changes. And, your systems must stop illicit transactions, identify sanctioned customers and PEPs – but let legitimate business continue unimpeded.

Our fully-automated Sanctions Testing product helps you meet these challenges by maintaining full control over your sanctions compliance processes while improving their performance and managing costs:

  • Delivers comprehensive, independent quality assurance of your transaction, customer and PEP filters.
  • Assesses filter models, fuzzy matching and false positives and iteratively improves performance.
  • Ensures lists are correct and up-to-date.
  • Captures, tracks and aligns your risk appetite.
  • Maintains control and fully automates your sanctions testing and tuning.
  • Enables you to compare your filter’s performance against that of peer institutions.

Sanctions Testing uses secure web-based technology. It’s easy to implement and integrate with your screening systems.

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Learn about the implications of new DFS requirements to test and certify transaction filtering systems, and the potential for banks to develop ongoing review programmes that enhance processes and create business efficiencies

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A panel of industry experts discuss how regular sanctions testing and tuning can help you achieve compliance peace of mind.

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New certification requirements provide the potential for developing ongoing review programmes that enhance processes and create business efficiencies.

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Sanctions Testing Testimonial video - Sberbank

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Last update: 
11 January 2017

Larissa Zalomikhina, Global Head of Compliance at Sberbank, talks about the benefits of using Sanctions Testing.

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Sanctions filters: the expert guide

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21 December 2016

A practical guide to maximising the effectiveness of your sanctions filters

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Sanctions Testing testimonial video – Credit Suisse

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Last update: 
28 October 2016

Daniel Fernandez, Global Sanctions Compliance Officer, Credit Suisse talking about SWIFT's Sanctions Testing product.

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Systems testing and annual certification: driving business benefits

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Last update: 
25 August 2016

This info paper outlines implications of new DFS certification requirements, the potential for banks to develop ongoing review programmes that enhance processes and create business efficiencies, and how Sanctions Testing and other SWIFT services can help

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