KYC Adverse Media

Comprehensive, high quality legal entity information via The KYC Registry portal

SWIFT’s KYC Adverse Media service supports your Customer Due Diligence (CDD) with comprehensive, high-quality news and public information

Regulators expect financial institutions to monitor negative news coverage as part of CDD procedures for Know Your Customer compliance. But getting access to fully comprehensive, high-quality and relevant reports can often be difficult, or very costly, to achieve. No longer.  

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s premier reporting services, Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, to add our KYC Adverse Media service to The KYC Registry. The new service links globally-reported negative news stories and regulators’ notes to the relevant legal entity in the Registry, enabling a fast and comprehensive review for all CDD and correspondent relationship management needs.

Because this is publicly published information, you don’t require the institution’s permission to view reports via the KYC Adverse Media service. Reports on financial institutions who have not signed up for The KYC Registry are also available, making this a highly valuable and effective service.

Add KYC Adverse Media to your KYC Registry subscription for a very cost-effective annual fee. Contact your SWIFT Account Manager for a quotation. There is no installation or onboarding required and all KYC Registry users at your institution will automatically have access to the service.

A global source of high-quality, curated adverse media content

SWIFT’s KYC Adverse Media service enables immediate and thorough news coverage checks through reports linked directly to the affected legal entity. Regulatory notes are also included.

Regularly updated coverage is comprehensive and easy to access

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance provides continually updated coverage from global sources. Users can view all financial institution-related reports on the database which also covers institutions not yet signed up to The KYC Registry.

Easy and cost-effective; takes the guesswork out of CDD checks

An affordable flat-fee subscription gives all your KYC Registry users immediate access to the service, with no on boarding or installation needed.

Order KYC Adverse Media service today

Enhance your CDD processes with up-to-date curated news and regulatory content

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15 April 2016

KYC Adverse Media factsheet

Streamline your Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Customer compliance with SWIFT’s KYC Adverse Media service.
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