Fraud control

Protect your core payment systems.

 Know, See, Do

What do cyber attackers want from you? Nothing. The less you do, the more damage they can cause.

Cyber attackers are innovative and now work with subtlety and sophistication. They cover their tracks and exploit the fact that payments move faster than ever.

Do what cyber attackers don’t want. Work with SWIFT to monitor and protect your core payments on three fronts.

  • Know – Leverage the latest details on the modus operandi of cyber attackers so you can adapt your defences
  • See – Gain a clear view of your payment flows and make it easier to see potential fraud
  • Do – Flag and respond to fast-moving suspect transactions efficiently; set rules, trigger alerts, and take rapid action

SWIFT helps you to



Share intelligence on cyber attackers' latest strategies and activities with your community.

  • Strengthen your cyber defences
  • Build trust for you and your community
  • Avoid being an easy target for cyber attackers
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Daily Validation Reports

Get an independent daily snapshot of SWIFT's daily transaction activity.

  • Quickly evaluate message flows
  • Identify payment and new counterparty risks
  • Ensure rapid response and recovery
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Payment Controls

Protect your payment operations against fraudulent attacks.

  • Manage risk policy to identify uncharacteristic payments
  • Define stronger policy to protect your operations
  • Validate payment messages against SWIFT's network record
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Fraud is moving from data theft to payment fraud

The growing threat of cyberattacks has never been more pressing as criminals move from data theft to committing wholesale payment fraud - and banks need to be able to verify the integrity of payments in real time.

Tony Wicks,
Head of Financial Crime Compliance, SWIFT

Tony Wicks, Fraud is moving from data theft to payment fraud

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