Compliance Analytics

Pinpoint financial crime risks across your operations and correspondents with our global, group-level payments analysis

With Compliance Analytics, you’re always alert to financial crime risks

If you’re responsible for Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering or sanctions compliance, you need to proactively monitor and assess financial crime risks right across your operations and network. Here’s how.

Compliance Analytics analyses your institution’s SWIFT payments traffic and delivers a global view of branch and correspondent activity across all group entities.

By benchmarking your traffic against aggregated message totals over SWIFT, Compliance Analytics shows your activity share in high-risk countries and corridors and alerts you to significant spikes, unusual behaviour or possible policy breaches. Your counterparties’ nested downstream activities are also identified.  

Graphical views make it easy to filter and display the data to identify trends over time, by geography or counterparty, and understand where to focus investigations. You can also review the status of Relationship Management Applications (RMAs) to evaluate correspondent relationships at group level.  

With no software to install, Compliance Analytics’ powerful analysis is easy to implement. SWIFT can also deliver these powerful analytics as a tailored reporting service for institutions where the full Compliance Analytics suite isn’t the right match.

The global view you need to manage financial crime risks

Compliance Analytics gives a group-level view of correspondent banking activity and financial crime risks across your operations, using global data only available from SWIFT.

Reveals activity changes and uncovers risks

Graphical views track activity changes in high-risk corridors and highlight traffic with countries where sanctions apply. Your correspondents’ nested payment flows are also identified.

No software to install

There’s no software to install or integrate. We deliver Compliance Analytics direct to your desktop. We can also provide a quarterly reporting service if that better suits your needs.

Interested in Compliance Analytics?

Find out how Compliance Analytics supports group-wide compliance.

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25 September 2016

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RMA and RMA Plus: managing your correspondent connections

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5 August 2016

SWIFT’s financial crime compliance products help financial institutions understand, manage and mitigate operational, compliance and fraud risks in line with industry recommendations.

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Information paper - Addressing the unintended consequences of de-risking

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11 July 2016

Industry insights into the impact of de-risking, and what banks can do to protect their correspondent connections

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Video - Using Compliance Analytics to understand risk

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7 December 2015

Learn how Compliance Analytics can support your compliance risk assessment programme

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